What Do Wild Squirrels Eat?

What Do Wild Squirrels Eat? What To Feed Them?

Wild squirrels eat a wide variety of foods, including tree nuts, fruits, grasses, seeds, insects, birds and their eggs, animals, mushrooms and anything else you can imagine.  The more food sources squirrels have, the more calories they will have available, which means they will be able to survive cold winters and food shortages. Squirrels are very opportunistic and eat whatever has the most calories for the least effort. So they don’t have a favorite food. They try to eat what they can as much as they can.

Are Wild squirrels carnivores or herbivores?

Wild Squirrels are primarily herbivores, but they will eat the occasional bird egg if there’s a shortage of other food options. Did you know that squirrels are omnivores? It means that they enjoy eating both plants and meat. Although nuts are a big part of their diet, they also rely on fungi, seeds, fruits, and other items for nutrition. In addition, they sometimes eat small insects, caterpillars, young snakes, and other small animals.

What Do Wild Squirrels Eat? What To Feed Them?

Do you sometimes think that what do wild squirrels eat? The food for wild squirrels consists of nuts, fruit, seeds, acorns, grains, and other seasonal treats. They are a welcome addition to any garden because of their ability to clean up a mess. Squirrels are known to eat birdseed, grapes, poison ivy, cherries, and other delicious treats. Feeding squirrels is legal in most states. Some people feed squirrels because they are interested in them as a species.

The best thing to feed wild squirrels is bird seed. They would also enjoy sunflower seeds (especially the black oil sunflower variety). They also like bird suet, and many people like to feed them peanuts, though peanuts are bad for the animal. Their diet should not only contain nuts but some fruits and vegetables as well. Be sure never to feed them dog, cat, or human food. What makes squirrels different from other animals is that squirrels eat so many different foods.

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Wild Squirrel Habits And Biology

Squirrels are small mammals that may also be referred to as tree ‘rats’ since they are meticulous. They stay active in the daytime. They are very fearless and, if provoked, can even attack. They are brilliant and know how to dodge danger. Additionally, they have perfect memory. Squirrels are very prevalent in Tennessee. They are also prevalent in our thoughts because they are so darn cute.

I enjoy watching them as they play, eat and romp around in my backyard. I have even seen them jump from trees to roofs and onto my patio. They are pretty amazing creatures. I think they are so amazing because they have so many talents and they have so much free time. Seriously I have never seen a squirrel that didn’t have something fun to do. They are always doing something.

Food To Avoid When Feeding Squirrels 

Avoid Dates if you want to stay healthy. These include dates, dried fruit, figs, juice, persimmons, plums, prunes, and raisins. Instead, focus on eating two servings of nuts or seeds. The healthiest options include acorns, whole roasted pumpkin seeds, almonds, hazelnuts, macadamia nuts, English walnuts, pecans, pistachios, and peanuts. When it comes to nuts and seeds, it’s best to eat two per day and choose those still in their shells whenever possible. The healthiest nuts and seeds include acorns, whole roasted pumpkin seeds, almonds, hazelnuts, macadamia nuts, English walnuts, pecans, pistachios, and peanuts.

Do Wild squirrels eat dirt? 

Squirrels are known to eat an array of things, but many people don’t realize that dirt and soil are not a part of their diet. It is often a misconception because they will dig in the ground to find food like grubs and worms, but that doesn’t mean they are consuming the dirt!

Can Squirrels Eat Dog and Cat Food 

Yes, squirrels can eat dog and cat food. But don’t feed your dog to a wild squirrel. It is more likely to attack you than to thank you for the meal. So do not feed dog and cat food to a squirrel. Also, feeding dog and cat food is a bad idea because it does not provide the nutrition that wild squirrels need. Squirrels are known for adapting to different environments and consuming whatever food they can find to survive.

These scavengers will often eat dog food, ferret food, or any other pet food – even if it isn’t necessarily good for them. While most squirrels won’t bother eating protein cat food if they have access to seeds and nuts, there are some exceptions. Sure, squirrels have been known to eat cat food when other food sources are scarce or unavailable.

What Do Squirrels Eat In Winter? 

Some squirrels, like ground squirrels, will hibernate during the winter and survive off of the food they’ve hidden away during the warmer months – typically nuts, as they store well. Tree squirrels don’t hibernate, but they will cache food to eat during winter when other options are scarce. Fungi, berries, and nuts are their mainstay during these months. To prepare for winter, squirrels will try to eat as much as possible during the summer and autumn to build up their fat reserves.


What is squirrels favorite food?

Squirrels like eating various foods. Any food that humans can eat, squirrels can eat too. Some of their favorite foods are peanuts, walnuts, and hazelnuts. Squirrels don’t eat acorns. But they will collect them and then bury them or hide them in a tree hollow, under a rock or in the ground for safekeeping.

Do squirrels eat carrots and celery?

Yes- they are good sources of fiber and Vitamin C. They can also make a great snack. Just make sure you don’t feed them chocolate or sweets.

What kind of fruit do squirrels eat?

Squirrels eat almost any fruit, including berries, apples, peaches and pears. They will also eat nuts and acorns. In the winter, they will also eat corn and other grains.


Squirrels are generally adaptable creatures who will eat a wide variety of things depending on what is available to them and their conditions. Squirrels will eat all sorts of nuts, acorns, berries, seeds, and other foods found in the wild. They will also eat insects, bird eggs, and even baby birds. Squirrels will also eat items people have left behind, such as discarded food and even things like candy wrappers left in their environment. It is important to remember that squirrels will eat almost anything they can find, but they will not go out of their way to eat something they have never had before.

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