Pregnant Squirrel

Pregnant Squirrel: Care & Diet Guide

Many squirrels have a gestation period of 45-60 days. There are many ways to tell if a squirrel is pregnant. Check the eyes, mouth, and the end of tail. Read more to know more about the pregnant squirrel.

When Is Squirrel Breeding Season?

The first litter is born in the spring, while the second is held in the summer. That said, the exact breeding season can vary based on the geographic location of the squirrels. Like humans, squirrels are also monogamous creatures. Male and female squirrels will form a bond and mate for life. Both parents share the care of the offspring. However, the female squirrel will nurse the young ones, while the male squirrel takes on the responsibility of gathering the food for the offspring.

Usually, in January and February, they start to get pregnant. If they aren’t pregnant, they will try to get pregnant in the fall when they gather nuts and seeds to store in their nests for winter. Their babies are born early in April and ready to leave the nest at three weeks of age.

Squirrel breeding season

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Signs of a Pregnant Squirrel

The first thing to look for is an increase in appetite and a tendency to rest more than usual. If a squirrel eats more than usual, it may be pregnant, mainly if it eats things that it would not normally eat. Some animals eat more as they prepare for reproduction. A slightly distended stomach is also one of the signs of a pregnant squirrel.

Many people in the western world are unaware that squirrels can be pregnant and give birth. The average gestation period for squirrels is about 45 days, and their babies are called kits.

Signs of a pregnant squirrel

1 – Round or Pear Shaped Belly

A round belly is caused by obesity. It may be associated with other health problems as well. It is unlikely to be caused by pectus excavatum by itself. Pectus excavatum can make the belly look rounder and cause breathing problems, back pain, and chest pain. If you have chest and back pain, consult your doctor for the required test and treatment. Also, try to lose weight and get a healthy regular exercise routine.

2 – Prominent Teats

You usually cannot see the nipples of a squirrel unless she is pregnant or balding. It is because fur should still be intact while pregnant but looks matted if babies are already born.

3 – Tummy Touches Ground

Squirrels do not make nests. Instead, they take shelter in various spots. They prefer trees, attics, hollows, chimneys, tree stumps, logs, and birdhouses. Squirrels become pregnant during the spring and summer. However, most of them give birth in the winter or early spring.

Pregnant Squirrel Behavior

Pregnant squirrel behavior could be more unusual and unpredictable than normal animals. They may be distracted due to the upcoming baby on board. They may even be a bit aggressive, and sometimes, they can be even up to four months pregnant. They are always on the move! Sometimes they like to climb trees, and sometimes, they want to just sit on the ground. They can also be seen in their nests. The pregnancy period could be from 45 to 65 days. Usually, the male squirrel will not be in contact with the female squirrel during her pregnancy.

What Is The Gestation Period for a Squirrel?

You might have also heard the saying 12 months in the belly of a whale. It has been estimated that a squirrel would have to eat around 400 acorns daily to get the required nutrition. It means that the gestation period for a squirrel is at least five months long.

The gestation period for a squirrel is 28 days or 4.5 weeks. However, do not be alarmed if you see the baby squirrels outside the mother’s pouch. It is when they leave the mother’s body and then climb back in to nurse. After that, they go to the bag again, but this time they are fully formed and ready to be on their own.

Squirrel gestation period

How Long are Squirrels Pregnant?

A squirrel’s gestation period is about 42 days, and the young are born deaf, toothless, and with eyes closed. The young squirrels usually open their eyes a few days after birth and are weaned by ten weeks.

Squirrels carry their young in their belly for anywhere between 29 and 44 days, depending on the squirrel species. On average, a squirrel is pregnant for about 35 days. At approximately 15 to 16 days after gestation, the nest will be ready for the baby squirrels, and the mother will line it with soft materials such as moss, feathers, and fur. The female squirrel is pregnant for only one litter per year. Maybe this is why she has little time to prepare for her babies.

How Long are Squirrels Pregnant?

When Do Squirrels Have Babies?

Squirrels have babies each time they mate which happens in the spring! The squirrel’s gestation period is between 40 to 45 days. A litter of squirrels can have between 1 to 10 babies. The babies are weaned in about four weeks, but the mother squirrel will stay with her babies for several weeks, even until fall.

Squirrels give birth in the springtime. The babies are called kits. Most baby squirrels die during their first year of life. A squirrel’s lifespan is rarely more than three years. The average lifespan is typically one to two years.

When Do Squirrels Have Babies?

What to Feed a Pregnant Squirrel?

One should not feed a pregnant squirrel human food as it can harm both the mother and the babies. Squirrels usually carry food in their cheek pouches, and they might accidentally eat it during the delivery and can choke or suffocate the babies. In case a squirrel is already pregnant, she should be fed a diet of 1/4 cup of dried dog food, fruits, nuts, and vegetables. The best foods for a pregnant squirrel are apples, carrots, leafy greens, pomegranates, plums, peaches, and oranges. Never feed squirrel egg yolks, fatty meats, french fries, or junk food.

The water should be provided in a bottle that has been cleaned out properly so that the food does not get contaminated. It’s a good idea to have a stock of dry dog food in your garage and fill the feeders up once a week. Squirrels will start eating this food, and it will ensure that you have a supply for pregnant and lactating females. Pregnant squirrels usually come out of hiding during their last trimester.

Feeding a pregnant squirrel

More About Squirrel Mating

You may have spotted two squirrels chasing each other around your yard or up and down trees. They’re flirting – this is how they mate. Female squirrels mostly give birth to 7 to 9 beautiful baby squirrels.

Since squirrels cannot perceive color, the females must use vocalizations and pheromones to attract mates. Black, white, and grey are the only colors they can see. Red squirrels will mate with Eastern grey squirrels, but not the other way around. Squirrels use smell, size, and fur markings to identify and mate with members of their species.

Squirrels generally mate in early spring. Their gestation period is from 40-45 days. After 40 days, the female squirrel will give birth to 4-5 baby squirrels. Baby squirrels are born with their eyes closed and hairless. They depend on their mother and do not open their eyes for the first two weeks. Baby squirrels will start taking solid food at three weeks but stay with their family until the next mating season.

How Many Babies Do Squirrels Have?

The exact number of baby squirrels a squirrel has is uncertain, but it is usually between 3-7. It may vary depending on the species and the food available in the area. When a female squirrel prepares to give birth, she selects a good spot in the tree for her den. She lines the hole with fur from her rear and then populates it with an assortment of food and leaves.

She then gives birth to a litter of babies. The waste contains 6-10 babies on average. The young ones are blind and helpless at first, but they open their eyes after about a week. Squirrels are born fully furred and can run the same day! Each baby squirrel is fully weaned and ready to go out independently at about a month old. The mother squirrel leaves, and the babies find their food.

How Many Babies Do Squirrels Have?


Do female squirrels have nipples?

Some say that female squirrels don’t have nipples because they produce milk from their mammary glands, while others say that female squirrels do have nipples, but these are not visible on their bodies because of fur.

How long before a squirrel gives birth?

The gestation period for a squirrel is about 35 days, meaning they can give birth to one or two babies in a single litter. The average litter size is 3, but they can have up to 6 in a single waste!


Pregnant squirrels have a gestation period of about 45–60 days. The female will have an increased appetite and will eat more than usual. The mother will also start nesting and will make a nest in trees, in your attic, or on your walls. It is not uncommon to see a mother squirrel with a huge pregnant belly. To get rid of a mother squirrel, you must evict her from the area. You must remove her and her babies from your home and property. Getting rid of her will stop her from coming back. Read on to find out how to evict a mother squirrel.

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