Do Squirrels Eat Birds?

Do Squirrels Eat Birds? Explained by downtownanimals

Do Squirrels Eat Birds? Yes, squirrels love to eat birds. Squirrels, like many other animals, are exploiting immediate opportunities omnivores. which means that squirrels generally only eat plant matter, but when given an opportunity to get vitamins, animal proteins, and minerals.

Do Squirrels Harm Birds? 

Tree squirrels are ubiquitous in temperate and tropical forests but do not harm the birds. The reason is fundamental. They are herbivores. They feed on nuts, fruits, seeds, and shoots. Tree squirrels are capable of stripping a mature tree of its bark. Although individual squirrels do not consume much food daily, they often must search for food and travel long distances. It could be harmful to the birds and very stressful. Squirrels rarely catch any bird, when a squirrel reaches close to the bird flies away.

Do Squirrels Harm Birds? 

Why Do Squirrels Eat Birds? 

Squirrels are scavengers that eat whatever they want and whatever they find available to them. Studies have found that the stomach content of squirrels and chipmunks consists of 75% of animal matter. So yes, squirrels eat birds, and there are some compelling reasons behind it. Squirrels don’t bother eating birds if they find other food sources, such as nuts, seeds, or corn. Squirrels love to steal food from a bird feeder. The problem arises when there is no other food option available for squirrels.

According to animal biologist Victor Shelford, squirrels regard birds as food because when they are hungry, “they are forgetful of their fear of birds and fly within reach of a squirrel’s paw.” In addition, squirrels are known for their patience. A squirrel spots a bird; instead of pouncing or running, he’ll wait motionless for a long time. In fact, “a squirrel will sit motionless at the mouth of its burrow for ten minutes or more waiting until a bird has lighted upon a nearby twig. Then it will quickly leap and seize the bird by one of its paws.”

Why Do Squirrels Eat Birds? 

Do Squirrels Eat Baby Birds? 

The squirrels eat the baby birds when the mother or father is absent. It can happen at any age. However, baby birds less than three days old are most vulnerable. These baby birds will die within a few days of being eaten. It is essential to know that only red squirrels will eat baby birds, and they are most commonly found in the Western/Central United States.

Red squirrels frequently invade birds that nest in conifers in the Rocky Mountains. Baby Mountain Chickadees, like the one pictured above, struggle to fly when they initially fledge. They work to escape from acrobatic mammalian predators, like squirrels, until they perfect flying.

Do Squirrels Eat Baby Birds? 

Do Squirrels Eat Birds’ Eggs? 

Squirrels eat both eggs and baby birds. Because they are small, they can get away with attacking nests of birds that are either not as big or unaware of the predator. The problem is that there is no way to prevent squirrels from taking your birds’ eggs. The best you can do is to ensure that your birds know their surroundings and the possible threats. Then, you have to choose your poison. Most people use a glass bottle to keep the squirrel from stealing the eggs.

There are plenty of videos on YouTube showing squirrels getting in and out of a bird’s nest. They might be climbing in to get eggs or out of fear when a bird is agitated. However, squirrels are not egg-eating animals. They do not have any taste for eggs, at least not to our knowledge.

Do Squirrels Eat Birds’ Eggs? 

Tips on how to keep squirrels away from your birdhouses?

Squirrels are a nuisance for birdhouses. They have a habit of chewing holes in the wooden frames and using them as dining tables. It is not suitable for the bird’s health, so it’s better to keep them away from your birdhouses.

1- Place birdhouses where squirrels can’t reach them 

The simplest way to keep the squirrels out is to put a small hole at the bottom of your birdhouse. This hole will let rainwater drain out but will keep the squirrels out.

You can do a few thing to make it challenging for squirrels to reach the eggs in the birdhouse. You can fill the base of the birdhouse with a mixture of sand and water. This mixture will make the birdhouse heavy, and squirrels cannot reach it easily. Another thing you can do is place a few nuts around the birdhouse, so squirrels won’t be able to get the birdhouse.

2- Attach A Narrow Tube At The Opening In The Birdhouse 

You can fix a long small tube to the opening in the birdhouse. Keep it open over the edge of the roof. The line will ensure that the bird droppings fall from the top rather than going all over your house. This way, no matter how long that tube is, the droppings will fall away from the birdhouse.

I think this is a creative and fun idea. I like the idea of the soul able to look for eggs without having to go outside. I believe this is an excellent idea for the kids, but I don’t know how much fun the birds would have with it.

3- Get A Squirrel Baffle For Your Birdhouse 

 Squirrel baffles are a great way to keep squirrels out of your house and aside from your bird feeders. There are many different designs, and you can learn more about them here.

Different types of squirrel baffles are available depending on how your birdhouse is mounted. If it’s on a pole, you can easily mount a squirrel Confuse below it, which will stop the squirrels from being able to go up the pole to away the birdhouse. For hanging birdhouses, you can get a squirrel baffle with a pointy spire on top, preventing the squirrels from jumping onto the birdhouse from nearby branches.

4- Increase The Size Of The Roof On Your Birdhouse 

An increase in the size of the roof is a good way to stop squirrels from getting access to your birdhouses. The nests of most birds are vulnerable to the possibility of being eaten by squirrels. To prevent this from happening, do not give them a way to get inside. A large roof will keep the squirrels away.

5- Put food for squirrels so that they avoid bird eggs

You’re right. The best way to hold back the squirrels out of the birdhouse is to prevent them from getting hungry. Keeping a few peanuts in the backyard will keep them away. Or, one can hang a fake birdhouse with a piece of string in the yard. When they come to rip open the birdhouse, they’ll knock it down and be satisfied..

Foods Squirrels Shouldn’t or Won’t Eat 

While squirrels are not picky, there are some things that they tend to keep away from. Raw garlic, onions, and balmy peppers do not sit well in their stomachs. These foods so they may not eat. These foods are even used as garden deterrents to keep the squirrels out. For example, pepper or garlic spray may help hold up squirrels and other animals away from your vegetables.


Do Chipmunks Eat Birds?

Chipmunks are small mice native to North America. In Europe, they are known as squirrels, but in most parts of the world, they are called chipmunks. They are prevalent in regions with lots of trees, and predator avoidance is not a problem because there are plenty of squirrels to protect them. In other parts of the world – such as parts of Africa, South America, and Asia – where there are a lot of predators, chipmunks are not that common.

Do Squirrels Eat Dead Birds?

If you have both birdhouses and squirrel houses, it’s essential to know what squirrels eat. They love eating birdseed and suet; some will even eat dead birds and their eggs.


 In reality, squirrels are such curious and hard-working animals that they can easily spend hours trying to find food. Even if they don’t see it, they will still actively search for food. That’s why they are the only animals that live on the ground. When they find a meal, they will eat as much as possible to stay alive.

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