How To Examine Baby Squirrel Age?

How To Examine Baby Squirrel Age?

How to examine baby squirrel age? If you have a squirrel over a year old, you can estimate her age by counting backward on a calendar. The baby squirrels are born in either March or July. So, if your squirrel is over a year old, you can count backward on the calendar to estimate her age.

How To Identify Baby Squirrel Age

Baby squirrels are born with white fur and will turn brown when they reach their first winter. It is difficult to tell their age by looking at them. The accurate way to determine a baby squirrel’s age is to measure its tail length.

Baby squirrels are born with white fur and will turn brown when they reach their first winter. It is difficult to tell their age by looking at them, so we need to determine their age accurately to decide how we should treat them. This article provides some helpful tips on how you can do that.

Generally, when a baby squirrel reaches approximately one-third of its full adult length, it will be considered an adult. This article provides some helpful tips on measuring your baby squirrel’s tail length to determine its age more accurately.

How To Examine Baby Squirrel Age?

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1- Time of Year 

Most squirrels are born during a specific time window each year. It makes it possible to determine the age of a squirrel by knowing when it was born. In general, baby squirrels are born between March and July. If you have a squirrel and want to know how old it is, you can count backward from the current month to determine its age to the nearest month.

Most squirrels become independent around 10-12 weeks old, even though they may not look like full-grown adults yet. You shouldn’t come across any helpless, younger-than-three-month-old squirrels.

2- Physical Development 

There are several developmental stages that every squirrel goes through at different points in its life. Understanding these stages gives you a good idea of how old your squirrel is. It is beneficial to know in the first six weeks after birth, as they age quickly and go through many milestones.

However, after these six weeks, it becomes much more difficult to accurately determine the age of your squirrel. Because their development slows down considerably, making it hard to pinpoint their age with any accuracy.

Baby squirrel physical development

3- Eyes 

Squirrels’ eyes tend to vary significantly, with many squirrels opening their eyes by five weeks old though this isn’t always the case. Clear or cloudy eyes at this point can make it difficult to gauge age. Squirrels can open their eyes anywhere between 3 ½ weeks to 6 weeks, so if the squirrel’s eyes are open, they are more likely older than five weeks.

Baby squirrels eyes

4- Ears 

A squirrel’s age can be determined based on the development of its ears – if they’re 3-4 weeks old, its ears will have opened. If a squirrel’s ears are closed, it means that the squirrel is about a month old. If the ears are open, the age of the squirrel will be greater than one month

5- Fur 

A squirrel is born entirely hairless. Hair doesn’t start growing until around two weeks of age. In 3rd week, it should be about 1 mm long. Their underside should be covered by hair by the time they’re six weeks old.

You can measure their fur to accurately determine their age until they turn six weeks. After this, their hair doesn’t develop more. Therefore, it is significantly more challenging to decide on their age past this point.

Baby squirrel fur

How To Take Care Of A Baby Squirrel 

Baby Squirrels, Just Days Old, Are Often Injured Or Lost And Abandoned By Their Mothers During Or After Delivery. There Are Only A Few Options For Helping These Tiny Animals, But They Are All Worth Considering:

It is hard to believe that a fur-bearing animal as cute and harmless as a squirrel can be so dangerous. But the situation is difficult and requires your attention. Squirrels live in the forest and like to hide food in the trees and then return to eat. They are very vulnerable to predators, so they quickly run up the tree, and while they are running, they urinate on the tree, so dogs and cats will smell the smell. In this way, they are instinctively trying to hide their “caches,” not realizing that you will be the one who will be cleaning them up. 

How To Take Care Of A Baby Squirrel 


What does a 5-week-old squirrel eat?

The formula should be fed every two or three hours, depending on the animal’s age. (Example: A 5-week-old squirrel will be strictly on the procedure and not yet on solid foods, so it will need to be fed every three hours.

Can a 7-week-old squirrel survive on its own?

We found a baby squirrel in our yard. He has been with us for seven weeks now. He is very tame and even licks our fingers. We feed him milk every two hours, but he doesn’t seem to grow.


Baby squirrels are born in the spring, usually in late April or early May. Baby squirrels are called kittens, and they are born hairless and blind. When the kittens are about six weeks old, their eyes open, and they can run and jump, although they still depend on their mother to survive. A squirrel’s life expectancy is anywhere from 1 to 2 years. It means that if you found a baby squirrel in the spring of 2017 and it is still alive today, it is probably between 10 and 12 months old.

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