Blue Point Ragdoll

Blue Point Ragdoll – How To Check If My Ragdoll Is Purebred?

Blue Point Ragdoll is a breed of cat that was developed in the 1960s. The objective was to create a large all-white cat with a gentle, docile personality. Blue Point Ragdolls are big cats and can grow to over 20 pounds, but most are between 10 and 15 pounds. While they are very laid-back, they are very social cats, meaning they must be kept indoors. If you live in a cold climate, you’ll also want to ensure that you keep your Ragdoll indoors for the winter.

Blue Point Ragdoll History

Blue point ragdolls are descended from three blue point tabbies. These three tabbies were owned by George Wright, who bred them in the 1940s. Two of the three tabbies were called Snow Queen and Blue Boy. The third was called Snow Ball. Snow Queen and Blue Boy were owned by a breeder in New Jersey called Allen Durfee. Durfee owned the two cats and bred them together.

Snow Queen was a solid white cat, and Blue Boy was a seal point. The result of their mating was two kittens. One was a blue point, and one was a seal point. These two kittens were named Blue Boy and Snow Ball. Blue Boy then mated with Snow Ball and produced two more blue point kittens, one male and one female. These two kittens were named Blue Girl and Baby Blue.


Blue Point Ragdoll

Blue Point Ragdolls are medium-sized cats with a semi-foreign appearance. They possess a strong rectangular body with medium boning and medium size. They also have a medium-length tail and medium to large paws. It is also true that natural blue point ragdolls are considered the most attractive cats. The coat starts with the “points,” those parts of the cat’s body where the fur is different from the normal body color. These points include the nose and chin, the paws and the tip of the tail.

These points are a shade of blue, giving this cat its name. Blue points are traditionally considered the most attractive, and in many cases, they are the most expensive. Bluepoint Ragdoll cats are the newest color mutation of the Ragdoll cat, and like all Ragdoll cats, they are not susceptible to feline diseases. Their fur comes in all colors and can be mink, pointed or lynx tips or a combination, and they can be solid, bi-color or tri-color. The eyes can come in any color. They are medium size cats, and the females can get up to 20 pounds.


Blue Point Ragdoll

There are several lines of blue point ragdolls, and some of them have been crossed with bicolors, so we will use the phrase ‘blue point ragdoll’ to refer to the three most common lines. Blue Point Ragdoll Genetics is a company that promotes the ownership of Ragdoll cats and Ragdoll breeding of Blue Point Ragdolls. Bluepoint Ragdoll cattery is based in the UK.

We breed for health and temperament first, so we choose to breed under the TICA (The International Cat Association) and CFA (Cat Fanciers of America). Our kittens are fully vaccinated and microchipped before they leave us. We are very strict on the health and genetic testing of the breeding cats and kittens to provide a healthy cat to the public. All our kittens are registered with the appropriate registers and have been DNA tested for HCM.


Blue Point Ragdoll

It is always advisable to wear gloves when handling a Blue Point Ragdoll cat. They are very friendly; therefore, you will have to touch them often during your day-to-day interactions. You might have to clean their eyes or ears, show them something or play with them. Handling them is always fun, but it is better if you wear gloves. It is always good to know that you can take care of them on your own, something you might not be prepared for.

It would help if you took them to a vet for the first check-up. They are not just the best Ragdoll kittens but also the best pets. Take them to the vet so that you know what you will be required to do to take care of them. Blue point Ragdolls are a breed of domestic cat with a distinctive coloration and large, semi-longhair, muscular physique. Blue Points can be a variety of colors including blue, seal, lilac or fawn. Blue point Ragdolls have a vivid blue color in the large, pale eyes; small, round ears; and light, buff-colored undercoats.

They are typically calm and loving cats, but also very intelligent. Blue point Ragdolls need a lot of attention and stimulation. They are very active cats and quite playful. They won’t just sit on your lap and cuddle you to death; they will rather play with you and enjoy your companionship.


Blue Point Ragdoll cats are generally very affectionate and loving to humans and animals. Due to the Blue Point Ragdoll cat’s large size and powerful body, the Blue Point Ragdoll cat is unsuitable for small homes or apartments, as it requires plenty of room and exercise. The Blue Point Ragdoll cat can be very demanding when it comes to exercise.

Blue Point Ragdoll Temperament. The Blue Point Ragdoll is a very affectionate, playful, and intelligent cat. They enjoy playing with a wand toy, catnip mice, and romping around with other cats. They are the best choice for families with small children, as they may accidentally hurt a child who grabs them too hard. They do well with other pets and are very devoted-friendly pets.


Blue Point Ragdoll Pattern, a mix of blue and chocolate coloring, has the kind of markings that would make a splendid show pedigree cat. This cat is one of the newest show cat breeds, a hybrid breed that has been the result of careful breeding since 1965. Blue Point Ragdoll pattern is the most popular purebred cat. So, if you love cats, you may know about the Blue Point Ragdoll pattern. The Blue Point Ragdoll pattern is this cat’s eye-catching bright color pattern. This striking pattern is also called a seal point. Blue Point Ragdoll pattern is set by the International Ragdoll Cat Association (IRCA). So, you may sometimes hear the name IRCA Blue Point.


The price of a blue point Ragdoll cat ranges from $500 to $2000. It depends upon the breeder, gender, age, and purity of the breed. Blue Point Ragdolls will cost you anywhere between $800 to $2000. The average price of Blue Point Ragdolls is $1100. All pedigree cats cost a bit more than non-pedigree cats. There are some Blue Point Ragdolls that are cheaper and some that are more expensive. The price of Blue Point Ragdolls can be different in different places. So, it is better to check the price of Blue Point Ragdolls in your area before you buy one.

Are Blue Point Ragdoll Kittens Born White?

No, they are not. And the reason is that they don’t have any White Fur Coat. It is the reason why they are born without white fur. When they grow up, they can produce black and brown coats like any other breed of cat. In other words, they are not born white. They are born in colors like dark brown, light brown, greyish brown and black.

Generally, all kittens are born white. Only kittens born from the first litter are pure white. Their white fur color comes from their mother and the color of their fur changes as they age. Usually, the kittens will build a colored coat at four weeks old, but this can vary over several weeks. The kitten’s body is white, but the paws and nose tip may have a brown tinge. The whiskers are also white, but they can turn a yellowish color as the kitten grows.

Do Blue Point Ragdolls Get Lighter With Age?

It is normal for all cat breeds to get lighter with age. It can be seen in all other breeds. However, it is more pronounced in the Ragdoll breed. The color of the Blue Point Ragdolls changes as they get older. In the younger kittens, the color is very intense and saturated. As they get older, the color fades, and they become lighter. It can be seen in Rags of any color. Please see an example of the color change in a blue four-month-old kitten and a nine-month-old kitten from our cattery.

Blue point ragdolls get lighter with age, just like every other cat. Because of the random nature of their coloring, their fur will alter almost daily, depending on their mood. No, their fur won’t change color. Their color will appear to change with their mood. Blue point ragdolls have very pale, light-colored fur that is almost white. With age, their fur can get lighter, hence becoming more white.

How To Check If My Ragdoll Is Purebred?

This is a tricky question and involves a lot of research. The main factor is the registry that your Ragdoll is from. If your Ragdoll is from a cattery, you might have an easier time. Contact the cattery and ask for the registration paperwork. They are supposed to have a letter from the registry saying that your Ragdoll is indeed a purebred. If you have a mixed breed, you have no way of knowing. I hope you can enjoy your sweet Ragdoll regardless of its heritage.

Be sure to spay and neuter your cat, no matter the breed so that they can enjoy a long, happy life. You can identify a Ragdoll by the blue eye color and the patterns on the coat. Ragdolls are slowly gaining popularity as a breed, but your best bet is to check with the Ragdoll Rescue Associations, as we have mentioned above. Another good way is to visit your local vets first. If they do not have a Ragdoll cat, they should know where you can get one.

Pros and Cons

Blue Point Ragdolls are very intelligent, loyal, and affectionate cats. The breed is very athletic, intelligent and large. They need an owner who can play with them and keep them busy. Otherwise, they will find ways to entertain themselves. They are very social and affectionate and need to be around their family. Blue point Ragdolls only breed one color, blue. Blue Point Ragdolls that are not competing are the most laid-back, easy-going cats imaginable.

They will share a room and all your attention with another cat, dog or chicken! The only noise you will get from them is when it is feeding time. Then you might get some vocalization. They will roll over for a belly rub when you pick them up and fall asleep in your arms. Blue-point Ragdolls are hypoallergenic cats. They are very gentle and beautiful to look at. They are also intelligent cats, and their calm demeanor makes them perfect lap cats.

However, Blue-point Ragdolls have been known to have a nip on the back of the neck of a small child or an unsuspecting adult. Being large cats, they have a little bit of trouble getting into smaller spaces. So, it would help if you kept your doors closed, so the cat does not get out. They are also very needy in terms of attention and affection. Getting a second cat will be the best bet.


What Is A Blue Point Ragdoll Cat?

Blue might not be the most common color for a cat, but it is one of the most beautiful colors. The blue Ragdoll cats are grey with a lighter grey on their ears, nose, legs and tail. The blue Ragdoll cat is also known as the blue point Ragdoll.

Difference Between Blue Point Ragdoll And Seal Point?

We breed female Seal Points and male Blue Points. The Seal Point gene is recessive to the Blue Point gene. It means that if a kitten inherits the Seal Point gene from both parents, it will be a Seal Point. The Blue Point gene is dominant over the Seal Point gene.

Final Thoughts

The Blue Point Ragdoll is an exquisite cat breed with a distinctive look that makes it immediately identifiable as a Ragdoll. With their silky coat and big, round eyes, they are often compared to a teddy bears. The Blue Point Ragdoll is a larger cat reaching up to 20 pounds. They can live anywhere from 12 to 16 years. The Blue Point Ragdoll is an excellent pet for people looking for a low-maintenance pet that does not require much attention.

They are not very vocal cats, but they make their presence known with their soft meow. They are a very friendly cat breed and have a charming demeanor. The Blue Point Ragdoll is a very affectionate cat that loves to be around people. They are great lap cats and are very social with other pets and people. They are brilliant and will learn to play fetch if given the opportunity.

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