Flame Point Ragdoll

Flame Point Ragdoll Cat – Are These Cats Good for Families?

The Flame Point Ragdoll is so-named because it resembles a candle flame. This characteristic is known as “flame point”. The color comes from the presence of the gene that produces a substance called pheomelanin. The gene allows the body to make more red than yellow pigment, and the coat takes on an orange hue. The pheomelanin produces a more orange tint in the Flame Point than in the Red Point.

Flame Point Ragdoll History & Origin

Flam Point Ragdoll is a beautiful cat breed. The breed originated from a silver-mitted male and a seal point longhair female. The Red Point is the most recent Ragdoll variety to be acknowledged by cat associations. The GCCF and TICA recognized it in 2011.

According to reports, Flame Point Ragdolls result from two mutations, one occurring in the gene for color and the second in the gene for fur length. Since the two mutations co-occurred, it’s logical to conclude that Flame Point Ragdolls are the product of a single mutation. The mutation resulted in a ferret-like color pattern known as tortoiseshell in this case. The flame marking appears on a white base.


Flame Point Ragdoll

The different shades and intensities of color (point coloration) are due to a gene. If a kitten has a black or chocolate point coloration, it will only produce black or chocolate point kittens. The same is true with blue and lilac. But, all the pointed parts of the kittens will be the same color, no matter what the point color is.

Flame point ragdolls will indeed have white fur on most of their bodies. However, a flame point Ragdoll will have a red shade on its face, ears, tail, feet, and legs. This red coloring distinguishes a flame point cat from other Ragdoll breeds. This red shade can range from a light, dusky orange to a deep, fiery red. And, as the intensity of pigment can vary from one flame point to the next, the disbursement of coloring can also vary.


Flame point Ragdolls: A cat with a red coat is always a crowd-pleaser. While some flame point ragdolls have extremely vibrant red coatings, others have more muted, dusky reds. It can appear as a light, stony orange color or a rich, walnut tone.


Flame Point Ragdoll

Flame point Ragdolls look stunning and have unique personalities. Because of their coloring, Flame Ragdolls are more visible in a household with other pets and children. Also, because of their unique color, Flame Ragdolls are much more susceptible to sunburns. A sunburn can cause skin irritation and increase the likelihood of skin cancer, so you should be careful to apply sunscreen to your Flame Ragdoll if he goes outside.

A word of caution: though many people assume that the richer the red color is, the better, this is not true. The flame point coloring indicates that the color of the cat’s true self is white but overlaid with red pigment. So, if your Ragdoll has a deeper red color, it means that your Ragdoll’s actual color is even lighter than what you see. It is known as dilution and often occurs in red-shaded tortoiseshell cats. The flame point coloring results from a gene and those with the gene will be either red point or flame point.


Flame point Ragdolls will have white fur on most of their bodies. But, the pointed parts of their bodies (their face, ears, tails, feet, and legs) will have a red coloring. This red shade can range from a light, dusky orange to a deep, fiery red. And, as the intensity of pigment can vary from one flame point to the next, the disbursement of coloring can also vary.

I am not a vet, but I have done a lot of research on the internet. A high protein, moderate fat, and low carb diet seem the best for her. I have listed a healthy diet below.


The Flame Point Ragdoll prices may vary from breeder to breeder. But on average, it costs $1000 to $1500 for each kitten (kitten price is not fixed on the Flame Point Ragdoll breed).

Though this is a relatively straightforward question, it’s not easy to get a definite answer for this. It all depends upon the breeders’ location, the cat’s age, bloodline, and other factors. The price is also affected because there are two types of Ragdoll cats, Purebred and Domestic Shorthair. Purebred Ragdoll cats are much more expensive. The flame point Ragdoll kittens are the most in demand. A good breeder will sell only the pedigreed kittens, and a flame point Ragdoll kitten can cost anywhere between $1,800- $2,500.

Are These Cats Good for Families?

Cats are great pets, but they are not ideal for children. Here I list a few tips to help you choose the right cat breed:

  1. Go to your nearest pet shop and try these cats with your kids. It’s essential to see how they interact with your kids. Ensure that they play with the kids and are not annoyed by them.
  2. Make sure that these cats are not too active. You need a laid-back cat that will not run around the house.
  3. If you have a dog in your family, it’s better to get a dog that gets along well.
  4. You should get a cat that is not too active.
  5. If you are very sensitive to dust, you should go for a cat that sheds less.
  6. If your children are allergic to pets, avoiding a cat is better. And finally, if you decide to get a cat, ensure you have a vet near your house. If your cat gets injured, you should be able to get it treated in time.

Are Flame Point Ragdolls Friendly

They are not too shy, but they are not super friendly either. They can be slow to warm up to new people. However, they do like to be petted and will enjoy a scratch under the chin. They tend to be friendlier if they are raised with other pets (dogs, cats, and even children).

Flame point Ragdolls are a breed of cat that has been around since the 1960s. They are a cross between a Siamese cat and a Persian cat. They are known for their beautiful coloring and long, luxurious fur. They also have a calm, relaxed personality and are great with children. When it comes to other animals and pets, they are known for their friendliness and will even get along with dogs. These cats are never aggressive and are known for their loyalty to their owner.

Are flame point Ragdolls hypoallergenic?

A soft and plush coat is the first sign of a Ragdoll. It is an excellent cat to have anywhere. But there is a little chance that your Ragdoll may be allergic to the cat fur of your Ragdoll. Similarly, the Ragdolls are a crossbreed, so it may be hard to understand the breed’s genetic composition. Also, Ragdolls have various colors and patterns, and they have medium-length coats. So, it would be difficult to say which Ragdoll is hypoallergenic.

Are Flame Point Ragdolls Rare?

Flame point ragdolls are not as rare as people think. They’re more common than you think! Here are some facts about these beautiful cats:

  • Flame point ragdolls are easy to find in shelters and rescues. You can find them at Animal Aid and other organizations that rescue cats.
  • They’re also available at some breeders but don’t come in every color and pattern. You need to know precisely what you want before you adopt a kitten or cat.
  • They like to be petted! They’re very affectionate, so if you have time for them and want to spoil them, go ahead!

Fun Fact

The Flame Point Ragdoll is a breed of cat that was developed in the 1990s. The species has long fur, which creates a flame-like pattern around its face and body. The Flame Point Ragdoll is a domestic cat with a unique, exotic look.

The Flame Point Ragdoll has been known to be friendly and affectionate, but it’s also known to be independent and self-reliant. You and your pet may take some time to develop a close friendship because they can be wary of new people or situations. However, they will be loyal companions once they are comfortable with you.


Which Ragdoll is the rarest?

The rarest Ragdoll cat is the cream ragdoll since the cream-colored ragdoll is the rarest hair color, and only 3% of the ragdoll cat lovers surveyed had a cream-colored ragdoll cat. The reason for the rarity is that it is a combination of seal and dilute genes, similar to chocolate and cinnamon.

What is the prettiest Ragdoll color?

The Ragdoll color is the seal point. That is what the traditional Ragdoll cat looks like, which is what people expect to get when it comes to Raggies. After the seal point comes the blue moment Ragdoll, which has dazzled many cat lovers with its lavishly good looks and steel grey coat.


Ragdolls are famous for their docile and affectionate personality. The Flame Point Ragdoll is no exception. If you want a cat that will love you unconditionally, spend lots of time with you, and be a super sweet companion animal, you should consider getting a Flame Point Ragdoll. These cats are brilliant, easy to train, and love to be the centre of attention. Don’t worry about your minor children getting hurt by your Flame Point Ragdoll. They love kids and will want to play with them as much as they want to play with you!

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