Things to Consider When Planning Your Move Across Australia

You’re planning a move across Australia to start a new chapter of your life – eek. You’re probably surrounded by notes, lists, and stress. The good news is that it will all be worth it once you’re settled in your new home – you might be tired of hearing this, but it’s true. But you don’t want to forget something important, and this is why we’ve compiled this amazing list. Allow us to relieve the stress somewhat with some things to consider when planning a move between Australian cities.

Your Pet

You don’t want to leave your furry friend behind, do you? Moving pets can be a bit of a juggling act. Don’t forget to have a heart-to-heart with your veterinarian and sort out the paperwork. Oh, and brace yourself for the state-to-state quarantine requirements – they’re a real wild card. Also, make sure to pack your furry friend’s overnight bag complete with food, water, toys, and a cozy bed. It’s their version of a five-star pet vacation.

You’ll find special services these days that can help you with this process – we’re talking about everything from paperwork to getting them on the plane. Trusted pet freight services, for example, can ensure that your friend is waiting for you happily on the other side.

The Size of Your New Home

When you move across Australia, your living space becomes a size-changing adventure. Before you start packing, ponder on the dimensions of your new home and what furniture will make the cut. Spare yourself the trouble of hauling everything only to find it won’t fit in your swanky new place. And hey, this is the perfect chance to declutter and bid farewell to those unused relics.

The last thing you need is to pay for all that shipping and then find that you can’t fit it all in your new home anyway. It’s always better to underpack and be brutal when throwing away items. You can always buy more in your new city.

Your Budget

Moving is like a game of financial acrobatics, especially when it involves traversing Australia. Before you embark on this grand adventure, make sure to craft a budget that covers all the moving costs – from transportation to packing supplies and even possible storage fees. This way, you’ll be a financial ninja, gracefully dodging any unexpected money hurdles along the way. Let the move begin. The world is full of apps and websites that can make this type of job a doddle (especially if numbers have never been your strong point!). 

Your Moving Date

You can’t always plan everything by the minute (sorry to be the bearer of bad news!), but it’s worth considering when you’re moving and the weather in Australia. The country can get scorching hot during the summer months, with temperatures soaring up to a sizzling 40 degrees Celsius in the northern states. See if you can even find a cooler day in amongst the scorchers – it might happen, you never know. 

You also need to consider public holidays, of course. You don’t want to set a date in stone only to then discover that no moving companies are available. The more you plan ahead, the more likely you are to find success. Good luck!

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