Paw-some Grooming Supplies Every Dog Owner Should Have

Thanks to the 220 million olfactory receptors in their noses, dogs are curious, often leading them to explore. Every dog owner understands the struggle of keeping these pets clean, especially when their curiosity leads them to dirty places. As a dog owner, it’s your responsibility to own a dog grooming tub to keep these cuddly love bugs clean and ensure they’re groomed appropriately. Here are the top grooming supplies every dog owner should have.

The Right Brush

Frequent brushing is important for your dog’s coat and overall health. Always go for the right brush for your dog based on the coat and breed consistently. Selecting the wrong brush can harm your dog, causing irritation, infection, or brush burn. Most coats, especially heavy coats, might require different brushes to remove hair from different coat levels. Those with thin coats may only require a single brush. 


A stinky or a happy dog is a happy dog. However, the cleanliness of your household is crucial, and a happy dog jumping all over the house after rolling and running around on dirty surfaces imaginable is hardly practical. Once you persuade your pet to take a bath, you’ll need top-quality dog shampoo to restore them to their clean state. Whatever shampoo you choose, ensure you go for a plant-based product, not a chemical-based one. You can also choose a conditioner if your dog often has matted fur, which has no potential irritations or side effects.


Bathing leads to a fresh and clean dog. As a dog owner, you can relate to the struggle of having to clean your dog, only for them to go back into a pile of leaves or a puddle. However, excessive bathing can lead to your dog’s skin drying up quickly. Hence, it would be best to have other ways of cleaning them without having to bathe them. Pet grooming wipes are another dog grooming tub that can solve this problem, helping ensure your dog is clean without bathing and leaving your pup smelling clean and fresh.

Flea and Tick Prevention

Dirt and muck aren’t the only things you need to cleanse your dog off before getting them indoors. The great outdoors is filled with undesirable parasites and an unclean environment, which can affect your dog’s health. Ticks and fleas love to make their homes fur, so it’s important to use anti-flea and tick treatment after venturing outdoors. Ensure your selected product is dog safe and appropriate for the dog’s coat type. 

Other dog grooming tubs include the following:

  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Nail clippers
  • Clippers

Grooming your dog is essential as it ensures better smell and hygiene, treats fleas, helps in the early detection of health and skin issues, reduces the risks of ear infections, and promotes healthy and shiny coats which shed a lot less. With these grooming essentials, such as the dog grooming tub, you’re sure that your best friend will always stay clean and healthy. 

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