How to Keep Your Dogs Cool This Summer

The scorching summer heat is here, which means that not only do you want to blast the AC and find cool shade underneath a tree, but so does your dog. It’s especially important for your dog to stay cool since they’re susceptible to not only discomfort but also potentially dangerous heat-related illnesses like heat stroke. We have all the tips on how to keep your dogs cool when the summer heat is on, including how to properly accessorize your pet when it’s hot outside.

  • Give Them Frozen Treats — To help your dog stay cool and refreshed on a hot summer day, give them a frozen dog treat. There are ones you can buy ready-made in the grocery store. You can also try making your own DIY frozen treats, mixing plain yogurt, peanut butter and mashed bananas together and then pouring the mixture into an ice cube tray to freeze overnight for your dog.
  • Limit Their Daily Outdoor Exercise — You should limit your dog’s daily outdoor exercise to help prevent potential heatstroke and dehydration. While you may think they’re protected because they’re covered in fur, they can burn their paws or get sunburns too! While you can and should limit the amount of time they’re outside, at some point during the day you will need to walk them so they can do their business. Try an ultra-tough and odor-free dog collar and leash set that’s easy to clean, even when your dog’s drool and your sweat gets all over it.
  • Increase Their Indoor Playtime — Increase the amount of time your dog spends inside to protect them from the summer heat. There are plenty of fun games you can play with your dog to keep them entertained. Try hiding treats or toys around the house for them to discover. You can play a friendly game of tug of war with a sturdy rope. If your dog loves playing fetch, move the furniture around at home and make space so they can play with soft and lightweight toys inside.

  • Provide Wet Towels — Giving your dog a wet towel will help them stay cool and provide some relief from the heat. They’re comfortable, easy and safe to use. Wet a clean and soft towel with cool water. Wring out any excess water from the towel and lay it over your dog’s body, focusing on their belly, armpits and paws.
  • Avoid Hot Surfaces — Hot surfaces can be sidewalks or anywhere outside where your dog will be walking like pavement, asphalt, sand or concrete. These can easily become scorching surfaces during the summer months. Help prevent your dog’s paws from burning because severe burns on their paw pads can lead to long-term damage. Even if there’s no long-term damage, it’s still extremely uncomfortable and painful for your pet to walk on hot surfaces. Alternatively, try putting your dog’s paws into dog booties.
  • Try Cooling Vests — A cooling vest can keep your dog cool and comfortable during the summer. They’re typically made from breathable and lightweight fabrics that hold cool water. The cooling vest is first soaked in water and then worn by your dog as the water slowly evaporates and draws heat away from your dog’s body.
  • Regularly Groom Your Dog — Regular grooming sessions with your dog are a great way to bond with them. By grooming your dog, you’ll be getting rid of excess pet hair that is weighing them down. Consider bringing your dog to the groomer for a professional grooming session. With less fur on their body during the summer, your dog will feel less stuffy when they’re going for walks outside.
  • Don’t Leave Your Dog in a Parked Car — According to the Humane Society of the United States, you should never leave your pet in a parked and unattended car for any period of time. When the weather seems like it’s just 80℉ outside, in a matter of minutes the temperature can exceed 120℉ — even with the windows open. You risk your pet suffering from brain damage, heatstroke or suffocation. It’s not worth the risk. Don’t leave your dog alone in a parked car during the summer.

  • Ensure They Have Access to Fresh Water — Most importantly, make sure you and your dog have continuous access to fresh water. You both need to stay hydrated to stay cool.

With all of these tips and tricks in mind, in no time you’ll be an expert in keeping your dog nice and cool. Grab a drink and find a comfortable spot as you enjoy this season of relaxation and cool comfort for you and your furry companions. No matter what your summer plans are, keep an eye on your pup with a tile for pets. This trackable dog ID tag will help you rest easy when you’re going on outdoor adventures with Fido this summer. Now get out there and make some memories!

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