Are Pit Bulls Good Family Pets?

Pit bulls, sometimes referred to as pitties, have been trending as bad dogs lately. They’ve been depicted on various media platforms as violent and aggressive. The truth is, German shepherds, rottweilers, and pinschers have had periods of experiencing a similar bad rap. Does that make them good or bad pets to own?

Are Pit Bulls Good to Own?

The environment shapes a dog’s behavior and attitude. If it’s trained to socialize, and given love and kindness, then that’s what it’ll give back. Some people love and nurture their pets to the point of caring for their health by calling  Commerce, TX vet or other vets available to have regular checkups. This is a mobile veterinarian for cats and dogs that operates around Commerce City, Colorado.

If it’s in the hands of an owner who encourages fighting and aggression, then that’s what it’ll become. Some people adopt dogs with the intention of training them to fight. They neglect and isolate them so that they can have trust issues and become defensive in the presence of other dogs and humans. 

So, yes, a pit bull is good and safe to own, but are you a good pit bull owner? The information below can give you more insight into the kinds of pets pit bulls are and whether you’re fit to adopt them.

The Benefits of Owning One

Good dog owners who’ve had or have had them have experienced the great attributes of this breed. This is what to expect when owning a pit bull:

Love and Affection

Pitties will remind you of how much they love you every chance they get. They’re cuddly and devoted. Cuddling is their primary love language, so they’ll snuggle up with you whenever you’re relaxing on the couch or in bed.

Caring Pets

Pitties were once called nanny dogs. This comes from their caretaking attribute. Well-trained pit bulls become aware that children are the more vulnerable members of the family, so they become more affectionate and caring towards them.

Overall: Pit Bulls Can Be Good Family Pets

Pit bulls are like most pets; they give what they get. The environment and kind of training they receive from their owners play a huge part in the type of pet a pit bull becomes. 

A pit bull will have a good attitude toward people with a good pet owner who gives it love, takes care of its health, and generally cares about its well-being. Its big heart and personality blossom in this kind of environment.

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