Cantonese Bear Dog

Cantonese Bear Dog – Information & Care Guide

Cantonese Bear Dog is often described as a feline-like dog. They are rare, clingy, and even considered to bring fortune. Cantonese Bear Dog is an infrequent dog breed of reddish-orange color originally from the Guangdong Province of southern China. This rare breed is considered a national treasure of China and is much appreciated across China. Cantonese bear dog is very well known for their many great characteristics and is famous for their red striking coat

Where Did It Come From?

They originated from China, or more specifically, around the city of Guangzhou in the province of Guangdong. The Cantonese variant of the Chinese language is prevalent in this province. Hence the dog breed was dubbed the Cantonese Bear Dog. Cantonese bear dogs have many other names like Hong Kong Mastiff, Chinese Red Dog, or Cantonese Mastiff.

Since their pictures started getting severe traction online, multiple people have said they are Cantonese Bear Dog breeders. If these puppies were so attractive, you would figure we already know about them, right? Many world-famous dog breeds have come from China, so how come we’ve missed this one? Well, that’s what we’re here to tell you.


The Cantonese Bear Dog is a fluffy, short-coated dog with erect ears resembling those of the Shiba Inu or husky. Cantonese Bear Dogs are typically golden-eyed, and their nose and paw pigmentation is usually pink, although variations in coat color exist.

Cantonese Bear Dogs come in colors ranging from reddish-orange to reddish-brown, black, and cream, with the red coloring being the most popular. The breed’s fluffy, brush-like tail flops over the back, and sometimes the straight ears will have a bit of a fold.

Cantonese Bear Dog Appearance


The Cantonese Bear Dog’s personality is one of the most unique among canines. This breed has been known to be a loner and an introvert, but they also love to play with their owners and family members. They are affectionate and playful but typically shy around strangers. The Cantonese Bear Dog is an excellent choice for families who want a dog that will fit right in!

Cantonese Bear Dogs are friendly, loyal, and protective. They make great family dogs but also work well with other pets. They are very playful and love to run and do exercise. This breed is happiest when living outdoors, where they can run around. Cantonese Bear Dogs need a lot of mental stimulation and will quickly become bored if they are left alone too much. If you want a dog who likes to play games with you and your family, this breed is the one for you!

Cantonese Bear Dog Personality


So, if you want to gain your hands on one of these big red beauties, how much will it cost you? Dogs of varying breeds will cost varying amounts to buy, so it’s essential to research the fairest price for a given species of dog. The price of Cantonese bear dog puppies varies from $1500 to $3000. It is a specific price point that you’d find on internet markets like Craigslist or Facebook marketplace.

Why Are So Many People Searching for Cantonese Bear Dog Breed?

People search for this breed because they think they have a friendly personality and have been bred for centuries in China to act as hunters and watchdogs for villages. The Red Cantonese Bear Dogs are brilliant, loyal, and brave dogs that make excellent companions for people looking for an active lifestyle. It is not true because there is no evidence of this dog’s existence.

Raising a Red Cantonese Bear Dog

Red Cantonese Bear Dogs are exceptionally playful, lively dogs and are known to have a lot of energy. They are energetic and active, so they need lots of exercises. They also need to be socialized with different people and dogs and be taught basic obedience commands.

This breed is a bit on the large side; they can weigh up to 150 pounds. The coat is short but does not require grooming or brushing. It does shed once in a while, but this is not too often and will only occur during the spring or fall seasons when it’s warm outside. Red Cantonese Bear Dogs are loyal companions who enjoy spending time with their owners and being around them all day long!

Raising a Red Cantonese Bear Dog

How To Train Your Cantonese Bear Dog?

There are different ways to train your Cantonese Bear Dog. The critical thing to remember is that you should always be patient with your dog because it takes time for them to learn. You will need to be consistent for them to learn and understand what you want them to do. Cantonese bears are a popular dog breed originally bred to help guard the family farm. They’re known for their prominent, friendly personalities and their protective nature.

For starters, make sure you take your Cantonese bear dog for regular walks and playtime sessions with other dogs to socialize them as early as possible. While these dogs have no problem getting along with other canines, they can be skittish around strangers and don’t always know how to respond when confronted by one. That is why getting them out into the world early on is so essential, so they learn how to behave around people as they grow older!

You should also ensure that your Cantonese bear dog gets plenty of rest daily. It will help them stay healthy and keep away from any health problems that may arise later on down the road due to fatigue caused by a lack of good restful sleep patterns throughout their lives (which can cause depression or anxiety if left untreated). Finally, keeping an eye on your Cantonese bear dog’s teeth is essential.

Cantonese Bear Dog Puppy

A Cantonese Bear Dog Puppy is a great way to add a bit of fur-ever after to your life. They are loyal and affectionate, which is why they make such great pets. They also have a lot of personalities and are playful, which means you’ll never be bored! Cantonese Bear Dogs can be trained to do tricks and will love doing them for you! You’ll never have to worry about where your dog is or what he’s doing when you’re gone because this breed loves being around people.

When choosing a Cantonese Bear Dog Puppy, you must select one who has been well-socialized and raised in a loving environment. It will ensure that he grows up with good manners and an easygoing attitude toward strangers.

Cantonese Bear Dog Puppy

Adopting A Red Cantonese Bear Dog

When adopting any dog, a general rule is only to use the most reputable breeders. Always check their background and ask any other dog owners who might have bought a puppy from them. Given all that, adopting a Chinese Red Dog doesn’t look like an intelligent move. Even if you cannot 100% confirm that this alleged dog breed is a hoax, you would struggle to find a breeder that produces them with a proven background and a track record of satisfied customers.

Most so-called breeders that claim they are selling purebred Red Cantonese Bear Dog puppies online are limited to a few questionable photos. If they happen to have reviews, they are usually quite generic and probably fake.

As we already said, it is possible that this hoax was started as a way of scamming people by tricking them into paying money for a dog that might not even exist. Speaking of money, some of the prices quoted online were unbelievably high. They ranged from $1,000 to over $2,500 for a single Red Cantonese Bear Dog puppy. That is a lot of money!

Adopting A Red Cantonese Bear Dog


Where Did the Hoax Start?

The hoax began in the 1990s, but it wasn’t until 2003 that it took off. At first, the hoax was spread mainly by word of mouth—people would tell their friends about it and start getting in on the fun. Then, in 2004, a group of people made a website called “hoax busters,” where they could share photos and stories about the hoax.

What Are Chinese Dog Breeds?

Even the red Cantonese bear dog doesn’t live. Plenty of gorgeous Chinese dog breeds are available. Here is a couple you might consider if you’re hunting for a rare and exciting species. 


Cantonese Bear Dogs are a rare and exciting breed that is considered good luck to those with them. If you have a chance to learn about them yet or have considered adding one to your home, we encourage you to read on to discover more about them. If you have further questions or cover regarding Cantonese Bear Dogs, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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